The Healthful Benefits of GrunTea

gruntea superheroWhat are the healthful benefits of GrunTea?

Let’s start with the flavour – it has Grunt! Almost every person who has tried GrunTea has fallen in love with it, and we all know there are so many benefits from the simple enjoyment of the healthy things you love – especially when shared with friends. The joy of connecting with those you care for is in itself a great reducer of stress, and also a creator of happiness. Add to this the tantalising of your tongue with lush flavour and life’s just getting better and better.

Each and every ingredient has a list of healthful benefits to the body. From anti-inflammatory to antioxidants, antibacterial to antifungal, and a great balance between calming and stimulating – GrunTea Chai has it all.

One of the main reasons for all of these great benefits, is that each of our ingredients are Australian Certified 100% Organic – so no nasty stuff – just the natural goodness from each plant. Better still… Organically farmed produce has a higher yield of the good stuff for us, and farming this way is also great for the planet – so everyone wins!

Let’s get technical….

Plants have long been recognised as the custodians of compounds, energies and nutrients that can help keep our bodies and psychologies in balance – or restore them back to balance if we have gotten out of whack.

Most cultures on earth have a form of herbal medicine that has been practised since antiquity. As such there are many different ideas as to what each specific plant can do for us. Thankfully, with the advent of modern scientific methods, the active substances in plants can now be observed and measured. But even so, there are still plenty of cultures that have large numbers of the population who rely near solely on traditional medicines.

Below you will find a list of each of our ingredients, their scientifically recognised properties or Key Actions, and also the Traditional Uses some believe they are beneficial for. We make no specific claims (directly nor inferred) that GrunTea will help with, heal or cure any medical conditions in your body. Information we provide on the traditional uses and properties of herbs is for educational use only, and is not intended as medical advice. If you have any serious health concerns, you should always check with your health care practitioner before self-administering herbs or herbal teas.

That said, we only use Australian Certified, 100% Organic, awesome wholefood ingredients in our teas– so they are brimming with goodness for you!

  • Key Actions listed below come from our spice suppliers.
  • All Traditional Uses and Cautions mentioned are from – except those marked *.
Bowl of dried green tea

Green Tea

(Camellia sinensis)

Key Actions:
Astringent, Diuretic, Bactericidal, Antioxidant.

Traditional Uses:
Builds stamina and immunity. Prevents tooth loss. Reduces risk of cancer. Tones muscles and skin. Reduces cholesterol. Eliminates hangovers. Improves blood circulation. Delays the signs and symptoms of ageing.

Excess intake may cause insomnia, restlessness and loss of appetite.

Sprig of fresh nettle leaf


(Urtica dioica)

Key Actions:
Anti-Allergic, Anti-Anaphylactic, Anti-Inflammatory, Decongestant, Diuretic.

Traditional Uses:
Helps to stimulate production of milk in lactating mothers. Prevents bacterial infection and helps to maintain healthy skin. Helps to eliminate stones from the kidney and gallbladder. Relieves fatigue, anaemia and stimulates blood circulation. Effective in treating gout, soothing muscle pain and reducing the symptoms of arthritis. Helps to treat respiratory conditions such as hayfever, asthma and seasonal allergies.

Excessive intake may reduce blood pressure.*

Bowl of tumeric power


(Curcuma longa)

Key Actions:
Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Mild digestive, Aromatic, Stimulant, Carminative, Active against Staphylococcus aureus.

Traditional Uses:
Helps to prevent cystic fibrosis and cancer. Boosts cognitive abilities. Helps to detoxify the body. Aids in reducing stress and depression. Useful for treating gastrointestinal disorders. Beneficial in maintaining a healthy heart. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Relieves menstrual pain and gives relief from fatigue, nausea, pelvic pain and cramps.

Excess usage of turmeric can cause nausea, dizziness or diarrhoea, and heart irregularities.

bowl of ground nutmeg


(Myristica fragrans)

Key Actions:
Astringent, Warming digestive, Controls vomiting and relaxes spasms. Stimulant, Antioxidant.

Traditional Uses:
Helps eliminate bad breath. Provides relief from insomnia. Boosts digestive and bone health. Helps to dissolve kidney stones. Maintains optimal brain health. Reduces skin inflammation and irritation.

Avoid excess consumption of nutmeg.

Ground cinnamon

True Cinnamon

(Cinnamomum verum)

Key Actions:
Warming stimulant, Carminative, Astringent, Aromatic, Antispasmodic, Antiseptic, and Antiviral.

Traditional Uses:
Boosts the immune system and mental strength. Aids in managing diabetes. Helps to prevent cancer. Helps to improve heart health and prevents chronic diseases. Beneficial in strengthening bones. Aids in treating cognitive disorders. Provides protection against fungal and bacterial infections.

Excessive intake may cause toxic effects on the body.

Whole star anice pieces

Star Anise

(Illicum verum)

Key Actions:
Stimulant, Digestive, Antifungal, Anti-bacterial.

Traditional Uses:
Promotes healthy skin. Prevents fungal infections. Supports respiratory health. Lowers your risk of cancer. Stimulates the immune system. Optimises digestion. Boosts circulation and aids sleep.

Bowl of cardamom pods


(Elettaria cardamomum)

Key Actions:
Carminative, Antispasmodic, Sialagogue, Orexigenic, Warming-digestive stimulant.

Traditional Uses:
Helps to cure stomach disorders. Reduces risks of colorectal cancer. Aids in improving blood circulation. Helps improve cardiovascular health. Good remedy for nausea and vomiting. Effective remedy for curing urinary tract diseases. Gives relief from asthma, sore throat and hiccups.

spoonful of cloves


(Syzygium aromaticum)

Key Actions:
Stimulant, Digestive, Anti-nausea, Antiseptic.

Traditional Uses:
Aids in digestion. Boosts immune system. Protects liver against infections. Helps to control blood sugar levels. Gives relief from inflammation and pain. Beneficial in preserving bone density. Helps to cure gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis.


Spoonful of peppercorns

Black Pepper

(Piper nigrum)

Key Actions:
Digestive stimulant, Antioxidant, Antibacterial, Carminative, Diuretic, Diaphoretic, Aperient, Antispasmodic, Antirheumatic, Antiarthritic, Antibacterial, Expectorant, and Antioxidant.

Traditional Uses:
Aids in weight loss and cures vitiligo. Prevents earaches and gangrene. Helps fight infection and insect bites. Facilitates digestion and enhances bioavailability. Beneficial for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Gives relief from sinusitis, asthma and nasal congestion. Reduces risk of cancer, cardiovascular and liver ailments. Reduces memory impairment and cognitive malfunction.
Helps absorption of curcumin (active ingredient of Turmeric).*

Avoid use after abdominal surgery. May cause sneezing.

Chopped fresh ginger

Ginger Root

(Zingiber officinale)

Key Actions:
Carminative, Antispasmodic, Anti-inflammatory, Warming digestive, Antiviral and Antioxidant.

Traditional Uses:
Prevents cancer. Regulates sugar levels. Enhances sexual activity. Facilitates digestion and cures diarrhoea. Provides relief from menstrual cramps. Boosts bone health and relieves joint pain. Cures nausea and removes excess gas from the body.


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