This blog is a collection themed around our essential values, lush perspectives and other hand selected stuff. Some posts may be light and easy, and others will most certainly dive into the depths – exploring the human condition, the nature of our reality, and how to bring more Heart into all aspects of life and living.

Are You Living Wholeheartedly?

Every moment is a moment of your life. You are never in practice – This Is It! There’s no time to prepare. Therefore every choice you make has power. “We can’t do this life thing halfheartedly. There’s no time off. There aren’t even weekends.”¹ Every choice is based upon what you value (consciously or otherwise),

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Is ‘Seriousity’ Crushing the Joy Out of Your Life?

There is a distinct tendency in the health foods industry, an idea that we must be serious, grown-up and mature. In fact this attitude seems to be present in many elements of adult life. Bright colours, light-heartedness and silly fun are deemed childish or immature, and our health and wellbeing... well, this is most definitely

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